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1) I am happy that I have today to rest from work!
3)I am so grateful that this day is mine!
4) I am grateful to have food and warmth!
5) There are so many who struggle with the basic necessities. I do not take these for granted and pray everyone would not have struggles.
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1) I\'m grateful I got today to recoup and chill with Russ
2)I\'m grateful of all my friends and that we got to experience friendsgivingmas last night!
3)I\'m grateful of my loving and caring family
4) I\'m grateful to be going on the Kevin Hart tour
5) I\'m grateful of my abudancence of money, love and joy
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1) I\'m grateful I made some money today working with Samir
2)I\'m grateful I did two a days!
3)I\'m grateful to lay with my boo thang 😘
4) I\'m grateful I got to chill and play assaasins creed
5) I\'m grateful I wrote on my journal on the metro and got to meditate in the yoga mat
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1) I\'m grateful I just had astonishing sex with bae 😻
2)I\'m grateful I passed on two great gigs to russ
3)I\'m grateful to be cuddling with russ and Gia 🙌🏿
4) I\'m grateful to be working the Kevin hart tour!
5) I\'m grateful to have friendsgivingmas
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