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1) boyfriend tony lover friend soulmate mate love forever tuned in
2)juice grapefruits fruits life harvest volunteer group cityheart harvestpartners
3)grand senators of our time aka warren, sanders and others that are SO TIMELY
4) the quirked sassy mood that is me today wanting the day to go fastt
5) time to taste test the fruit tonic on my break!!
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1) The Train concert at the Hollywood Bowl was amazing and made me feel vital and connected
2)I wasn\\\'t feeling anxious or in my head. It felt good to be with so many other people and not alone.
3)I appreciate that I can enjoy contemporary music and that I am looking forward to more live events. I am grateful to have so many friends
4) I have so many good friends in my life. I appreciate the support system and love.
5) Today is mothers day and I am feeling blessed.
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1) I\'m grateful to be omw to the beach!
2)I\'m grateful to be working with people magazine investigate
3)I\'m grateful to be working on GameTime Footage
4) I\'m grateful for my abundance of money
5) I\'m grateful to have Isabella come over in June 🤓😇
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