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1) Today I am grateful I got a call back for the Interview on thursday!
2)I am also grateful I enjoyed the day like I said I would, every day for an entire month.
3)I am grateful to be able to workout and see body gain!
4) I am grateful to have my LOA journal
5) I am grateful I reached out to Cycle Media for work.
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1) Today i am grateful I have a job interview on wednesday for Major Film Festival
2)I also booked a gig for this weekend!
3)I am grateful to chill and play KH
4) Russ got back to town :)
5) I have my work desk setup and its growing!
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1) Conversations with Pat aka \"Trainwreck\" on set (Hidden Valley Ranch and Poobah Records)
2)Going to Soup Plantation and fond memories of my experiences there with Kellie and Ande (corn chowder and tapioca pudding)
3)The Dalai Lama\'s delightful laugh (interview with John Oliver)
4) Watching the insanity that was Finding Neverland the musical
5) Laughing about my \"Bada bing Bada boom\" persona with Don
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1) I am grateful to have been a part of Amy Schumer\\\\\\\'s production team!
2)I am thankful to be seeing my Orlando friends for a day And for Ms. Evans for allowing me to do an early check in 👐
3)I\\\\\\\'m excited to live in LA
4) I am excited to be going to Mexico for work soon
5) I am stable financially!
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