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The Happy Pic is a Happy Brick

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

This smiling brick came from Flickr user srboisvert.

Sorry, but there will be no happy quotes today (I need to go to bed).  Would you like to send a happy thought to me so that I can share it with other readers? Please do!


Choose Happiness, Humor, Enthusiasm, Gratitude, Kindness, and a Positive Outlook.

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008
This is #10 out of 25 Tips to Become More Productive and Happy at Work.

Choose Happiness, Humor, Enthusiasm, Gratitude, Kindness, and a Positive Outlook. Being productive and competitive in business doesn’t mean that you have to be serious all the time. Smiling doesn’t mean you’re not working hard. Enthusiasm doesn’t mean you’re not competitive. Being positive doesn’t mean you’re blind to challenges. Choose to enjoy your time at work. Find others who are like this and spread good cheer. It’s contagious and it grows. Try to avoid gossip and negative chat. It can be tempting, but it doesn’t serve anyone well, including yourself.

This is great advice.  Whether you love or hate your job, you can always improve your work life by consciously deciding to have a good attitude about it.  When I’m overworked, frustrated, tired, or just grumpy, I constantly have to remind myself to take a deep breath, relax, and think of something positive.  Sometimes that positive thought is as simple as, “At least I’m learning from this miserable experience,” or “Thank goodness this will all be over soon,” but even simple thoughts work.

I believe that you too will find that if you actively develop the habit of thinking positively and avoid griping to yourself or others about your problems, you will become a happier, more productive person – and you’ll probably be a whole lot more fun to be around. :)


PS -  SMILE!  Even when life sucks, and no one is looking. :D

How to find joy and happiness in your life

Monday, April 28th, 2008

Are you happy with your life? Do you find joy in the things that you do? If not, how would you find joy and happiness? And once you find it, do you think you can keep it and be happy all the time?

You can be happy now and all the time. How you might ask. Try this, think back to a time when you were very happy. Think of a moment when you were laughing and having a great time; when you were on holiday, when you were surrounded by friends, watching a movie, listening to your favourite music. Do it now and take your time.

When you reflected on your happy times, how did you feel? Did you notice a change in how you felt? More than likely, the least that happened is you smiled. Well, that´s a start. You found something to be happy about in an instant.

Reminiscing on good times makes you feel happy, doesn´t it? Imagine if you can expand on that so you may remain joyous and happy all the time. How would you go about sustaining the joyful and happy feelings?

An extremely powerful way is to take control of your thoughts; by actively choosing which thoughts to focus on.

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The Economics of Happiness, Part 6: Delving Into Subjective Well-Being

Friday, April 25th, 2008

The Gallup World Poll asks an amazing battery of questions about the subjectively-experienced lives of people across the globe, and hence offers an unparalleled opportunity to contrast the subjectively-experienced lives of those in rich and poor countries.

This chart is my personal favorite, showing the proportion of people in each country who report having smiled or laughed a lot the previous day. Higher levels of economic development are clearly associated with more smiles and laughter. But equally, there are a lot of exceptions to this rule, and plenty of puzzles.

Laotians are more likely to smile than anyone else, and the Irish appear to have earned their national reputation as jolly japesters. My own country, Australia, comes in as the 29th of the 131 countries in the Smile Stakes, while the U.S. is a disappointing 45th.

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